FOYER Café & Bakery was founded in Nesebar, Bulgaria in 2012. Since then we have been serving the best of European cuisine to our multinational clientele. At first, we focused on offering French bread and pastry, as well as coffee, Italian aperitivo, wine, cocktails, teas and homemade drinks. However, after the first year of operations, we decided to upgrade the kitchen and added antipasti and variety of main courses from France, Italy, Germany and Spain. We also serve a selection of Bulgaria’s national dishes. The new coming and ever returning guests confirm that we have made a successful change.

We are committed to providing our clients with atmosphere inspired by French Provence and warm service in coup with delicious meals prepared only from natural and fresh ingredients. Our guests recognize our endeavors and come back to FOYER every day!


Please come and enjoy our first class breakfast. We offer scrambled eggs, porridge with fruits, sandwiches, croissants and variety of sweet snacks.


Ciabatta with tomatoes and basil
This is yet one other Italian leavened bread – wonderful ciabatta that FOYER Café & Bakery offers to its guests – ciabatta with tomatoes and basil. Ciabatta with tomatoes and basil is the choice of true gourmet lovers. What is very specific for the technology employed in making this ciabatta is the preparation of tomatoes – they are marinated in a mixture of olive oil and herbs prior to baking. On the other hand, the fresh aroma of the basil is meant to make the peculiar taste of this bread really stand out.

Best bread in town